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The Menu

  • Address: 2 rue Waldeck Rousseau 75017 Paris
  • Phone: +33 1 45 74 20 28 - +33 6 33 46 75 80
  • Open 24/7 on Deliveroo and take away
  • 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

Since 1991, the Mamma Michela Calicchio has been cooking its mother's cuisine with heart.
A unique know-how for authentic 100% homemade dishes, which celebrate the generosity of Italian gastronomy.

Only our Take Away card is currently available, the card below will be offered to you again when the restaurants reopen.
You can order our Take Away card via our delivery / take-out service available on this site and on Deliveroo.

Assortments of Italian cheeses15€

Toasted homemade bread and homemade jam

Burrata delle Puglie19€

Burrata 125g from The Puglie on datterino tomatoes tartar and basil

Cavatelli (handmade) sausage26€

Datterino tomatoes and mushrooms

Focaccia olive oil and rosemary (vegan)6€
Frittura italiana19€

Classical fried squids and small vegetables

Fusilli with octopus27€

Datterino tomatoes and Leccino olives

Handmade Cappelletti29€

Stuffed with veal, lemon zest and Parmesan. Cream of sage.

Linguine with Bourgogne truffle35€

And white truffle cream

Linguine with mushrooms, speck dell'Alto Adige25€

(smoked charcuterie) and grated ricotta

Mamma-style lemon pie11€
Mozzarella Barlotti25€

black truffle and hazelnuts with truffle

Pan-fried warm artichoke and Burgundy truffle19€

(fennel seed charcuterie), stracciatella, mesclun and toasted homemade bread

Parma ham 30 months and truffle mortadella21€

Toasted homemade bread and homemade jam

Pizzetta with truffle cream14€

Mozzarella and mesclun

Polipo affogato à la diable20€

Tomato passata, leccino olives, chili pepper and homemade garlic bread croutons


Veal cutlet, sage and Parma ham


Amarena and meringue

Thin panna cotta tartlet, cinnamon10€

and brunoise of caramelized apples

Tiramisù tradizionale10€


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